cameraOrganizers of an international photography competition, to be held here from June 1st to October 31st 2015, hopes that the event will put Dominica on the map in terms of photography and art.

The competition which will be hosted by Derek Galon, a seasoned photographer and a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and his wife, Margaret Gajek, a writer of multi-awarded Caribbean-themed coffee table books, who have moved to Dominica from Canada.

“The International Ozone Zone Photo Salon and Competition” is in its third year and has been recognized as “one of the most ambitious and attractive international art photography contests.”

“This will bring Dominica on the map because there are lots of photographers who try to enter competitions around the world and they are able to gain the prestige and the profile by collecting different medals, ” Galon said.

Galon believes that the competition will place Dominica in the spotlight as this is the first time that the region will be hosting an international event like this one.

Meantime, Gajek said while working on her books, ‘Exotic Gardens of the Eastern Caribbean’ and ‘Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean,’ “we fell in love with the whole region.”

“Every time we passed through Dominica it felt especially close to our hearts. We decided to move to Dominica and bring the Competition here with us,” explained. “We plan to do a special section for best Caribbean photography, putting Dominica in spotlight. The competition will have different judges each year – artists from Dominica and abroad.”

Anyone interested in taking part are encouraged to submit their best work in different categories: Open in Color, Open in Black and White. There is also a special category with Dominican impressions called ‘Purity.’

The winning team will receive an award and their work will be displayed in an exhibition and will be featured in a catalogues and photography magazines around the world.

Results from the competition will be released in mid-November.

The venue for the event has not yet been finalized.

More information on previous competitions can be viewed at and for further clarification, Galon can be reached at [767] 449-9954 or