Cover of the book

Jayson Sorhaindo, a 41-year-old from the village of Mahaut, has released his first book ‘Choosing Agriculture as a Career’ that give insight into the field of Agriculture and the many careers that can be found in it.

His book was released last week and will officially be launched in September 2017.

‘Choosing Agriculture as a Career’ identifies the many stigmas associated with a life in agriculture and counters them on the basis that there numerous specialties and sectors that someone can have a career in that is directly related to the field including; biotechnologists, seed technologists, microbiologists and much more.

Sorhaindo told Dominica News Online that from his personal experience, he was inspired to write the book.

“Two years ago, when I looked at the situation with our young men just sitting on the block, God placed in my spirit to write something about agriculture, and many people that I am not versed in that area, that it is not my specialty, but since God inspired me, gave me the writing ability plus what I saw that really triggered me, it became my desire to see young men and the young ladies go back to the farm,” he said.

The author

With a degree in Theology, Sorhaindo is a preacher ministering the Word of God, and also enjoys writing devotionals and poetry.

He stated that “every successful nation is based on agriculture” and that everything that we possess, in some way, came from the soil.

“Therefore it is important for our young men to be involved in agriculture and to stop that stigmatism that agriculture is a dirty work because, without agriculture, we are nowhere. The Agriculture sector is supposed to be the backbone of our economy. Agriculture cannot be on the back burner, it has to be the driving force of the economy,” Sorhaindo said.

He has received a lot of support from family and friends, and especially wishes to thank the Ministry of Commerce for financial assistance in publishing his book.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Commerce. Without them my dream would not have become a reality. They gave me that support; most of the money needed, they financed that venture under the lucrative business, and also I want to the Lord. Without the Lord giving me that gift, that ability, and the inspiration, this would not be a possibility, and I thank my church, the Canefield Gospel Mission,” he added.

For the budding writers or anyone who is determined to fulfill their goals, Sorhaindo encouraged them to go out and do what must be done, and the “Good Lord will open the doors for you.”

“I never thought that one day I would publish a book in a grand way. Now I am looking forward to the launching of the book officially sometime in September in Dominica,” he remarked.

Sorhaindo has no intentions of producing just one book. According to him, he has about four manuscripts that are ready to be released at the proper time.

The book has been printed and published in the United Kingdom and is now available for sale in the U.K., U.S. and on Amazon.

On Kindle it is sold at US$ 4.55 a piece; Paper back: US$13.95; Hardcover: US$19.95.