Members of the JDF DART team building a bridge in Dominica

The Jamaica Defence Force’s (JDF) Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) that was deployed to Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria has returned home.

The JDF DART team has been in Dominica assisting in rebuilding efforts for the past 10 weeks.

A release from the JDF on the weekend said its DART team will be establishing a Dominica Disaster Relief Fund on its return.

Lieutenant Colonel Dionne Smalling of the JDF, said the drive is intended to encourage and facilitate members of the public who wish to make donations to assist the people of Dominica.

The JDF deployed its DART team to Dominica on September 26 this year, and it carried out various rebuilding, relief and recovery operations.

These included assisting local security forces with maintaining law and order; logistics support to aid the distribution of food, water, medical and relief supplies; light construction and repair; as well as providing essential medical care to persons in need.