Thomas Holmes is president of CARIMAN Dominica's chapter

Thomas Holmes is president of CARIMAN Dominica 

CariMAN expresses deep concern over the violent death of a male in the town of Portsmouth on August 5th 2014 while in Police custody.

Though CariMAN is not privy to all the circumstances surrounding the death of 48 year old Joshua Etienne, we as a male Organization continue to advocate for RESPECT for life regardless of the circumstances.

We wish to point to one of CariMAN’s main aims which is to reduce, prevent and end all forms of violence.

In so doing we ask everyone to respect each other’s diversity in terms of age, religion, ethnicity, class, abilities, educational background, sex orientation, geography, or any other status and Rights. Taking the life of someone will never be right.

Joshua Etienne had rights that should have been respected and not discriminated against. We all have to respect each other and help everyone reach their fullest potential.

It is our hope that the legal process will be allowed to take its course.

CariMAN empathises with those who are directly impacted by this unfortunate incident.