Homes destroyed in the Kalinago Territory

Housing Minister, Reginald Austrie, has revealed that the Kalinago Territory was the hardest hit by Hurricane Maria in terms of housing.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday he said 69 percent of homes in the Territory suffered damage during the hurricane.

“This was mainly through the effects of high winds,” he explained.

Sixty percent of homes in Roseau and Pottersville suffered damage during the passage of the category-5 hurricane, he said.

He stated that this was due to flooding by the Roseau River and the action of the sea.

In Pointe Michel, 60 percent of homes suffered damage, mainly through flooding and storm surges

“So these three communities were the hardest hit as far as housing is concerned,” Austrie stated.

He noted that these figures were derived from assessments, funded by the UNDP, by public officers from various ministries after the hurricane.

“I have been advised that about 40 percent of that assessment, a more detailed assessment, have been completed,” he noted, adding that it means about 10,000 homes have been assessed in detail.