ngoThe NGO Coalition for the protection of children draws your attention to the fact that holiday times are often anything but happy for some of our children.

• Young ones are often left in the care of older siblings or elderly relatives and may not be properly supervised
– Parents should be aware that Child Abusers, “molesters” can take advantage of children when on their own and abuse them in all kinds of ways
• Children can be bribed with gifts to take part in sexual activity
– Parents should talk to their children about what they accept and who they accept it from.
• Alcohol is openly available and can be widely used during the festive season. Children can become vulnerable to drunken adults
– Parents need to be aware that Adults with bad intentions give children alcohol in order to abuse them.
• Recreational drugs and “date rape drinks” open our boys and girls to be raped and abused
– Parents should be extremely vigilant and speak to their children about being cautious and protecting themselves.
• Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Watsapp can be used to spread pornographic pictures. Posting pornographic images of minors is illegal.
– Parents should get familiar with this and keep an eye on their children’s electronic activities.

Have ground rules for your children
-No one should touch children’s private parts, even with a health professional you parent or guardian should be present
-Someone should know where you are at all times
-Sex is for Adults only – under 16s cannot consent to sexual activity

We alert you Parents and Guardians, Your children are your best gift.

Contact the Police 448-2222 or DNCW 4487546 if you need help in reporting or recovering from an incident of Sexual Abuse, Rape or Sexual Assault.