LIAT wishes to advise passengers that due to the passage of Hurricane Irma that several destinations are being affected.

To ensure passenger and crew safety, several flights have been retimed/cancelled.

Please note that the following flights have been cancelled for Thursday 7th September, 2017:

LI 773 from Antigua to Barbados

LI 308 from Trinidad to Grenada

LI 308 from Grenada to Barbados

LI 381 from Antigua to Dominica

LI 381 from Dominica to Barbados

LI 521 from Tortola to St. Kitts

LI 521 from St. Kitts to Antigua

LI 560 from Dominica to San Juan

LI 561 from San Juan to Dominica

LI 567 from Dominica to Barbados

LI 312 from Antigua to St. Maarten

LI 312 from St. Maarten to Tortola

LI 508 from Antigua to St. Kitts

LI 508 from St. Kitts to St. St. Maarten

LI 508 from St. Maarten to Tortola

LI 509 from Tortola to Antigua

LI 304 will operate from St. Vincent to Grenada to Barbados.

Please note passengers who have been affected will be allowed to rebook within the next two weeks (4th – 18th September).

Passengers with travel dates from 4th to 8th September will have change fees and fare differences waived.

Passengers with travel dates from 9 th to 11th will have the change fees waived but will have to pay any fare difference.

Passengers who make changes after the 18th September will be subject to all change fees