Boyer with her placard on Tuesday

Boyer with her placard on Tuesday

“We need democracy not communism!”

This was the message on the placard of a lone protester who showed her support and solidarity with six residents of Salisbury, who are facing charges in relation to a protest in the community on May 11.

Mary Boyer joined scores of other supporters of the six outside the court-house in Roseau when the charges were read to the six on Tuesday but she was unique in the sense that she wanted to make her opinion known to all, hence her placard.

She wants the charges to be dropped.

“I would like to see the court exonerate the people,” the Tarish Pit resident told Dominica News Online. “They have done nothing wrong; they are just fighting for the livelihood for themselves and their families.”

The five men and one woman were arrested in the community on June 11 sparking a round of angry confrontation between the police and residents. They were taken to the Police Headquarters in Roseau where they were released on bail.

They have been identified as Keith Bougouneau, Alex Howe, Hilary John, Gilbert Frederick, Christina Eusebe and Peter Vidal.

The matter was adjourned for October.

When questioned about her placard, Boyer explained that it is wrong to unable  to demonstrate  “peacefully.”

“Because we are in a place where people cannot gather peacefully and demonstrate for their rights, we are no longer a democratic place, we are heading down the wrong road,” she pointed out. “For 20 years now that present administration has been in power and they have done nothing for the people of Salisbury, because they are not supporting them. It is wrong.”

She is also condemning the actions of the Government, who she says, is responsible for the second round of protest in the community of Salisbury.

“It is wrong, I am condemning it,” Boyer noted. “That is the path to communism and we need to stop it in the path before it accelerates and gets worse. By that time even those supporting him (Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit) now, their children will be in danger. I am totally against that. We need to go back to our own loving people, what we born with, what Skerrit himself grew up with. We need no dictatorship in this peaceful place.”

Boyer said she is fed up with what is going on in Dominica.

“So much is going on. I am fed up and so that’s why I am coming here with my placard,” she said.