Several businesses suffered during the passage of Hurricane Maria

Executive Director of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) Lizra Fabien has said the private sector in Dominica has suffered a major blow because of looting after Hurricane Maria.

She described the matter as ‘the human hurricane,’ saying it will take some time before businesses rebound.

“The private sector has been affected by the human hurricane which is the amount of looting, the looting that took place,” she said on state-owned DBS Radio.

Fabien pointed out that the level of looting has disappointed the private sector.

“The private sector is quite disappointed with what happened,” she stated. “This creates a ripple effect for our economy, even greater than what we could see with our own eyes, things as lack of essential services, destruction of the food chain, lack of funds for circulation in Dominica.”

She noted that it is important that the private sector sees how it should move forward as soon as possible and improve the business condition in Dominica.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the DAIC, Stephen Lander, has expressed concerns over the ‘ripple effects’ the large amount of layoffs might have on the economy after Hurricane Maria.

“The more people that get laid off, the less buying power you have in the economy and that trickles down to those businesses that can open and serve the public, their businesses may go down because less people are buying,” he said.