Residents burst into applause at the opening on Thursday evening

Residents burst into applause at the opening on Thursday evening

Loud cheers resonated through the tranquil community of Loubiere on Thursday evening as residents opened the community’s 2014 Reunion with an ecumenical service and a spirited ceremony.

With two reunion songs penned by two of the residents themselves, “Loubierians” as they referred to themselves, danced and sang loudly as they reminisced on what made their community unique and extra special.

Speaking to the residents at Thursday’s opening ceremony, held at the Loubiere Resource Center, chairman of the Reunion Committee, Ronald Charles, said that there is more to Loubiere than what meets the eye.

“What we have going forward over the next ten days is the excitement of an otherwise sleeping community awakened to the reality that Loubiere has played and continue to play, perhaps second to none, a most important role in Dominica’s development,” he said.

According to him, the objectives of the reunion include reuniting ‘Loubierians’ locally and in the diaspora, to highlight the contribution of Loubiere to national development, to recognize those who contributed to Loubiere’s development, to instill a sense of pride and belonging in the community, to stimulate economic activity and to foster unity and understanding among residents.

He encouraged everyone to participate in the Reunion.

“The reunion is designed for you,” he stated. “There is more to Loubiere than what meets the eye. Loubiere has a proud history of national development, what therefore is your contribution to the development of Loubiere?”

Ambrose George, Member of Parliament for the Roseau South Constituency, which includes Loubriere, told the opening ceremony that a lot has happened in the community since he took up office 14 years ago.

“There is a lot to celebrate,” he noted. “When we look back and celebrate, we have to look back at our achievements and I must say as the Parliamentary Representative for the past 14 years, much has happened in the Loubiere area.”

George pointed to the Loubiere Resource Center, construction of sidewalks, development of Leopoldville community and the reconstruction of La Lay Coco Road as some of the areas of development in the community.

He noted that despite these improvements there is still much to be done in the community.

A Miss Loubiere Reunion pageant scheduled for July 25th, a hike along the Waitukubuli National trail, a heritage exhibition, football match, clash of the DJs are some of the activities slated for the 2014 Loubiere reunion.

The Reunion runs from July 24 to August 4.