Pascal said he was stabbed several times during the incident

A man who was reportedly attacked in a violent fracas in Pointe Michel over the weekend is now calling for justice since no one has been taken into police custody in the matter.

The incident, which involved Liam Pascal, another man, and his ex-girlfriend, was caught on video and it has since gone viral with over one million views on various social media platforms.

During the incident, Pascal was allegedly hit with a cutlass and stabbed several times.

“The police told me the incident is not an arrest matter because the cutlass didn’t cut me. It is why they couldn’t arrest the partner,” he stated. “And the girl is pregnant, so they just cannot go and arrest her and I don’t know what’s up with the matter.”

Pascal stated that during the incident he was stabbed in the neck and the back and was also hit in the head.

“I got a stab in my neck: 13 stitches inside, 13 outside,” he explained. “I got a stab in my back, eight stitches. And I got a burst head.”

He stated that he was admitted to the hospital for one day and had to return after he was discharged due to bleeding.

Pascal said he is angry about the incident.

“I feel mad, I feel like doing back,” he noted. “I feel like doing back because the police not doing no action, so if I do back I don’t know what they will do me.”

He stated that has given doctor’s report to the police but he was told that they have everything in hand “but they cannot make the arrest.”

“I don’t know why they cannot make the arrest, they tell me they just going to give a summon for court,” he remarked.

He said presently, he is not working due to the injuries.

“I cannot work for the time,” he said. “I love to work, I don’t like to stay idle. All now so, I just there. I don’t know what is happening.”

DNO is seeking a comment from the police on this matter.