The police station is located on the bottom floor of this building

Officers at the Marigot Police Station have said the station is in a terrible condition after Hurricane Maria and they feel abandoned by the Police High Command.

The roof of the building where the station is housed was blown away by the storm and officers say since then no repairs have been made.

Police sources at the station told DNO that after the storm they were visited by Deputy Police Chief Davidson Valerie and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Jo-Anne Commodore but nothing has been done.

The officers say water from the roof is a major problem whenever it rains.

Added to that that the station is infested with mold and mosquitos.

One officer has fallen sick twice because of the conditions and others have been complaining of severe coughs.

Other institutions operating in the building, such as the Treasury Department and Magistrate’s Court, have been relocated but the police station remains.

“The situation is bad, we feel abandoned,” one officer told DNO.

DNO was told that other police stations on the east coast that received damage during Maria have been repaired, while the Marigot Police Station remains untouched.

The officers are now calling on Police Chief Daniel to visit the station to witness the conditions himself.