A drain on King George the Fifth Street in Roseau on Friday

Mayor of Roseau, Cecil Joseph, is blaming restaurant owners and urination in public as two major contributing factors to the stench in the capital city.

“The general public should put some of the blame on the restaurant owners for the smell of Roseau,” the mayor said during a press conference on Thursday.

According to him, the Physical Planning Division should make frequent visits to these establishments and ensure that they have proper means of getting rid of waste.

“These restaurants let off all their waste products from their water into the gutter and expect the City Council to come and clean it every day. Roseau is a very big city and it is not feasible, it is not possible,” he argued.

He also added that despite various meetings with Physical Planning this has not been given much attention and the Roseau City Council has yet to receive a satisfactory response from restauranteurs.

Another major contributor to the annoying stench which pervades certain parts of the city, according to the mayor, is urination by members of the public in the city streets.

“A lot of people claim that there isn’t any public convenience and that is not true. Just in the market area has about a dozen public conveniences, on River Bank there is another set manned by city council, on Bay front and on Bath Road has which are manned by the city council.  The business houses themselves have public conveniences and I am sure by requesting the usage of the public convenience they will give you the authority to use it,” the mayor pointed out.

Joseph also blamed ‘the poor construction’ of the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard as another contributing factor which he says causes flooding in Roseau after heavy rains.

“The building of the culverts on the Bay Front is higher than that of the gutters, constant water getting into the bay front blast onto a wall and will not escape until there is heavy rain hence resulting in the flooding of Roseau,” he stated.

He pointed out that a lot of money is spent hosing down and cleaning the streets of the capital especially after major events such as Creole in the Park, World Creole Music Festival and Carnival but added that the city council needs the collaboration of the public and other sectors to get rid of the smell.

Great George Street, Kennedy Avenue, Kings Lane, the end of Hillsborough Street and Cork Street were some of the streets in Roseau that the mayor highlighted as some of the stench-plagued areas of the city.

He warned that the city council will refrain from cleaning Roseau if proper arrangements are not made between the organisers of major activities and the council.

“If we are not partners, if we are not stakeholders and if people cannot respect the fact that we are the custodians of the city, I can say that the city council will have to abstain from cleaning those areas where those activities are being held. It is high time that people recognise what we are doing as a city,” he said.