The title of the book

A book which gives the photographic story of a group of Dominican-born health care providers living in the US who visited Dominica after the passage of Hurricane Maria has been released.

Proceeds from the sale of the book, For Love of Country, will go towards the island’s rebuilding efforts.

“A group of Dominican born healthcare providers (doctors and nurses) residing in the U.S.A got together and flew to St Lucia,” one of the contributors of the book, Dale Dangleben, said. “From St Lucia, we were able to take a nine-hour trek across the Atlantic Ocean to get to Dominica. We witnessed first hand the devastation to our beloved Dominica. We were able to give a helping hand all over the island as best as we could.”

He said after the hurricane everyone involved took time off, came together and headed to Dominica by any means.

“When we got to St Lucia we missed the ferry and had to hire a boat (The Black Magic) and left at 2 in the morning,” Dangleben explained. “It was a long night of vomiting and prayer. When we crossed the Martinique channel and we saw Dominica, we were in shock at how bare the mountains were. We docked at Fond Cole and we stood in silence as we looked at the devastation Dominica had experienced.”

He said from there, as medical professionals they all went to work with different teams sent across the island.

His group was stationed in Pointe Michel, his native village.

“It was very difficult for me to see my village of Pointe Michel with such destruction,” Dangleben stated. “Also, to find out that’s where the most fatalities were.”

He stated that the book is dedicated to all Dominicans who lost loved ones especially the residents of Green Valley, Pointe Michel.

“Some of us may have gone away but we are built from the foundations of our ancestors,” Dangleben said. “We stand strong because of where we came from. I am proud to say I come from Pointe Michel. It is my roots and my stem. It may be devastated and fragmented now, but we are a strong-willed people and must regain our identity as a once unified people. The decisions we make collectively as a nation is for the future generation as we try to build whats broken. May God Bless Dominica.”

The book can be purchased HERE