The soldiers from the Regiment offload their gear following the Coast Guard’s final mission. Picture by Nigel Browne/Barbados Nation

They are happy to be home after a lengthy mission to Dominica, but members of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) are also happy to have served.

The HMBS Leonard C Banfield docked at the HMBS Pelican, signalling the end of the Coast Guard’s three-month excursions to the hurricane hit CARICOM nation yesterday.

HMBS Leonard C Banfield electronic technician, Leading Seaman Taria Jackman described the mission as simply “an experience”, having been on nine rotations.

“In 2015 I experienced the first storm, which was Erica and now to experience Maria, it was a vast difference,” said Jackman who noted the BDF would always be there to assist in the event of a disaster.