Douglas spoke in parliament on Tuesday. File photo

Employment Minister, Ian Douglas, has announced that 2,000 Dominicans are now employed under the National Employment Program (NEP), describing it as “the most talked about” out of all other social programs.

He was addressing the sitting of Parliament on Tuesday, May 23rd 2017.

Douglas said that the NEP has had and continues to have a huge social impact to a level where in the future, historians will record it as “one of the most impactful social programs.”

“That is clear and unequivocal. I don’t think that any member of this house can stand here and say that the National Employment Program has not achieved its intended purpose,” Douglas said.

He added that the government’s significant investment in the program has resulted in a highly favorable price tag that is geared towards keeping people employed.

“We came to the Honorable House last year for this budget and we budgeted about $6-million for the fiscal year and we have exceeded that to the point where at the end of the fiscal year, the price tag for the National Employment Program will be in the region of about $11.5- $12 million, keeping persons who would have otherwise been unemployed, in a stable job and giving them a source of employment,” Douglas stated.

Douglas expressed pride over the NEP.

“We are very proud as a government of the achievement that we have made under the National Employment Program,” he remarked.