Matthew Walter is Dominica’s new ambassador to Cuba

Dominica’s new Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba is seeking to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

Former Government Minister Matthew Walter has officially taken up the post as Dominica’s Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba.

Walter took up this new position during the month of June.

“I intend to work extremely hard, it is not a situation where you are going to develop a lackadaisical attitude…It is one of urgency, it is one of diligence where you have to ensure that you deliver in such a way that the country benefits, and I mean both countries, Cuba as well as Dominica, benefit from that kind of mutual relationship,” he told Kairi FM on the weekend.

Walter stated further that the development of the human resource is of vital importance not only to Dominica but to the entire world.

As such he expressed his gratitude to the Government of Cuba towards the development of Dominica’s human resource.

“I need to applaud and to laud Cuba for realizing that it has to develop its human resource and Cuba started that from inception…All the other resources depend on the human resource, because even though you have the material resource, even though you have the physical resource, the natural resources they cannot develop by themselves,” Walter said.

He said that Cuba has been first and foremost at the development of human resource in Dominica and it has done so quite effectively and efficiently.