The Woodbridge Bay Port

New hours have been put in place at the Woodbridge Bay Port to facilitate the clearing of barrels and to ease up storage issues due to a lot of items entering the country since Hurricane Maria.

The port will now be opened on Saturdays and will go on for up to 7:00 pm on weekdays.

“We are in fact going to work on Saturday …we are going to work from 9 to 3 along with the customs to faciliate the person especially individuals persons who want to clear barrel, boxes, to be able to do that,” CEO of the Dominica Air and Seaports Authority, Benoit Bardouille, said at a press briefing on Wednesday. “We did so last week Saturday and quite a few people took advantage of it.”

He stated this is being done so that people receive packages sent to them quickly

“We are doing so all in an effort to ensure that all persons can receive their packages, we have been saying to them, within two to three days after the goods have landed on the port,” he noted. “For those indivuals who may be awaiting a generator or their tapaulin or a mattress, we want to make sure that they get it within the shortest possible time and I think based on the way it is being expidited by the individual agencies, it is done so that persons can turn around at the port very quickly.”

Badouille said the port will open on until 7:00 pm to facilitate the business community and the moving of containers.

“I am sure the truckers, especially so, can move containers to the merchants location …from about two in the afternoon we will be dealing with them, once there is no vessel in port and take them up to about 7:00 pm so that they can move as many containers as possible to the premises of the mercantile community,” Bardouille noted.

He explained that those who want to clear barrels and boxes will be dealt with in the morning and the truckers in the afternoon.

“The thing is we want to make sure that the persons, especially the family and friends who are moving individual barrels and boxes, that we will try to deal with them and early as possible in the early morning from 8:00 to about 2:00 pm because we know some of them come from very far areas and have to go back up to the countryside and so if we are able to deal with them in the morning then it will make it far easier for us to do the truckers later in the afternoon.”

He said this is being done to “ease up on the storage issues that we have at the port.”