A fire in Newtown on Tuesday night has destroyed an old house and has slightly damaged two others.

No one was hurt in the blaze.

PRO of the Fire Services Division, Wayne Letang said at approximately 7:37 pm, Officers at the Roseau Fire Station responded to a fire call in Newtown. The blaze occurred in the area near the Newtown Roman Catholic Church.

“The building in question was a dilapidated dwelling house constructed of lumber and concrete blocks and measuring approximately 18ft x 23ft. The owners are deceased. No formal tenant resided in the building, but it was utilized by other persons. Mr. Gordon Baptiste was caretaker of the said property. The building with all its contents was completely destroyed by the blaze,” he said.

Letang reported that two other buildings close by were slightly damaged.

“Minor damage was done to the guttering and facer boards of one building and scorching damage to the external wall of the other. No injuries were reported,” he stated. “Investigations into the cause of the fire are still ongoing with the assistance of Investigating Officers of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.”

Meanwhile MP for the area, Joshua Francis said it is fortunate no one was hurt.

“We are very fortunate that there was no loss of life or serious personal injury and no serious loss of property in the houses [that] people occupied,” MP for the area, Joshua Francis said.

Francis stated that when he arrived on the scene, the fire was already contained which meant the Fire Department responded promptly.

Additionally he stated that the house that was destroyed was occupied by a vagrant.

“The house which was decimated was an old house and my understanding is that a vagrant lived in the house,” he stated. “There seemed to have been some issue between a vagrant and another person which has resulted in a police investigation. I am not going to report on that aspect, the official report will be given by the fire service department…with the police work, I will not interfere in that domain at this hour.”

Francis reiterated that he was happy that no one got injured and commended residents for their efforts in combatting the fire.

“One of the good things I saw last night is that the community came out to assist in different ways and provide support to those who were affected in one way or the other by the fire,” he remarked.