Don’t remove your underwear just yet, ladies.

Social media was on fire Friday after posts from many Twitter users claimed that Friday, June 22 is officially “No Panty Day” worldwide.

The alleged event was even surreptituously added to a Wikipedia entry on international observance days.

One blogger speculated that the event may have been taken from the “No Pants Day” in United States, an ad campaign, or “maybe just a plain joke.”, a web site discussing urban legends and Internet rumors, has yet to either debunk or verify the alleged event but the lack of verification from reputable women’s rights groups and activist organizations who may have the gall to pull off such a stunt indicates that “No Panty Day” may just be a hoax.

In April 1, 2011 — in time for April Fools Day — a flashmob prank was pulled off by an American group, Improv Everywhere, wherein over 1,000 people rode the subway without underwear or pants in New York City.

Flash mobs also regularly hold “No Pants Day” fun events in some countries as a practical joke.

Here’s a word of advice if you’ll take the “No Panty Day” seriously — going full commando on the bus during rush hour is not recommended.