A passport from Dominica

Minister responsible for Immigration, Rayburn Blackmoore has given the assurance that there are no shortages of passport books in Dominica at this time.

Since the passage of Hurricane Maria, Dominicans have flocked to the Passport and Immigration Office at Police Headquarters in search of passports raising fears that there could be a shortage of books.

Blackmoore admitted that after Maria there was a surge of applications for passports and 3,289 regular ones have been issued.

“We find there was a surge in that regard, it was unusual to have had the issuing of so many passports within a short period of time,” he said on Focus on Government and Development radio program.

Despite this, Blackmoore pointed out that there are no shortages of passport books, as speculated by many.

“That is not true at all,” he stated.

He said since the hurricane, a quick request was made for the issuing of additional passport books.

“We have 5,489 regular passport books,” Blackmoore remarked. “So there should be no fear in that regard.”