A house damaged by Hurricane Maria

A group of Norwegian sailors has run a donation campaign raising nearly US$5000 to support the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island nation hit by the category five Hurricane Maria on the 18 of September.

The sailors from Oslo invited other sailing enthusiasts to an evening of Caribbean entertainment and talks, with topics ranging from sailing in the Caribbean, tropical hurricanes and the effects of climate change.

The United Nations estimated that of the 26,085 houses on the island, an estimated 23,488 houses are moderately or highly damaged, or destroyed.

Practised sailor Tuva Løkse spoke of her experiences sailing the Caribbean sea and urged to give back to Dominica.

“A number of Norwegian sailors have over the years enjoyed sailing in the Caribbean sea, visiting many of the wonderful windward islands,” she said. “Some of us especially fell in love with the beautiful nature island of Dominica. We wanted to give something back to the warm and hospitable people of Dominica in their efforts to rebuild the Island after Hurricane Maria.”

The group has transferred £3676 to the Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund – the Commonwealth of Dominica’s official fundraising channel established by Dominica’s High Commission in the United Kingdom.

Løkse says she is determined to keep the fundraising efforts going.

“We hope to inspire other sailing communities in Scandinavia to do the same. And we hope to visit again sometime in the future,” she said.

On a recent visit to survey the island HRH Prince Charles said the damage “looked like Armageddon had struck.”