The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) continues to monitor the movement of Hurricane Irma towards the Lesser Antilles.

At 5 pm on Thursday, Hurricane Irma was upgraded to a major hurricane of category three. The system is located over the eastern Atlantic about 1760 miles east of the Lesser Antilles and moving west north west near 12mph with maximum sustained winds near 115 mph. The center of the system is projected to move just northeast of the area by Tuesday into Wednesday of next week.

‘Irma’ is expected to strengthen to a Major Hurricane by then making it an extremely dangerous Atlantic hurricane. The impacts could be catastrophic.

Interests in Dominica are advised to monitor the progress of this system and to make all the necessary preparations as Irma continues to move towards the Lesser Antilles.

The hurricane is about six (6) days away from the islands and uncertainties in projection exist.

Nonetheless, all residents are warned to complete all preparations and continue to closely monitor the progress of ‘Irma.’

The ODM together with the local MET Service will continue to keep the public updated.

As a precaution, Shelter Managers are advised to secure keys to shelters and be prepared to open those shelters when asked to do so by the Office of Disaster Management.

All Sub-Committees should have plans in place in the event of a response to a strike by Irma.

Residents should not wait until the final hour to purchase required commodities i.e. dried food and water.