Tonge is responsible for Reunion 2018

Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge, has said that a second look is being given to Reunion 2018 since some changes have to be made after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

“We are relooking at Reunion 2018,” he said. “Obviously after the storm, we have some changes to make.”

Last year it was announced that Reunion 2018 would be staged to commemorate Dominica’s 40th anniversary of Independence. It was proposed that the Reunion Year of activities will run from January to December 2018.

It was aimed primarily aimed at inviting overseas-based Dominicans to return home sometime during Reunion Year and was meant to build unity among the population, encourage tourism, promote cultural, economic and educational activities and help strengthen national identity and pride.

However, Hurricane Maria which ravaged the island last September appeared to have placed a dent in some of what was being planned.

According to Tonge, during the year some of the island’s major events will be promoted more than before.

“So what we are looking at is to see how we can use one or two of three of one of the major events and basically push those more than we have done in the past,” he said, giving independence celebrations and the World Creole Music Festival as examples.

He added, “Normally you have more Dominicans coming around that time, so as opposed to trying to spread out right now I think we need to kind of focus on it a lot more and make sure that people are aware of these activities and everybody comes back to Dominica to celebrate.”

He said teams organizing the event met last week to restructure the plan.

“Hopefully once we get ratification from cabinet, that will be promoted so that everybody will be aware of what the activities will be,” Tonge stated.