A young woman here says she is frightened for her life after she entered into an online relationship with a man she doesn’t know, a relationship that later blossomed into a face to face encounter.

Rachel (not her real name), says several months ago she met a man online and “flirted with him a bit”.

According to the 27-year-old from a village in the north of the island, their daily online rendevouz saw the relationship getting more and more serious.

“We use to call each other. We emailed. We did a lot. We even made love online and six weeks ago he sent me a ticket to visit him. He also sent  me money via Western Union every week just to make sure I was not short of anything,” she said.

Rachel told Dominica News Online that when she visited her “man” in the US, he took her to a hotel where he would visit her every day.

“I was wondering why he never took me to his home. He put me up in a hotel and he never slept with me the entire night. So I figured he must have had a woman or family. He always told me that it was me he loved and he was single. When I asked him why he had never spent a full night with me, he gave me excuses like he has to work,” she told DNO.

The young woman said the night before she left, the man was apparently followed and a woman came knocking on the door, threatening to kill him.

Rachel said she didn’t understand what the woman was saying because her language was different.

“It sounded like Spanish or Dutch of something. He just slammed the door and left with her. I was scared but then he returned a few hours later and apologized. He told me that it was his wife” she explained.

Rachel said she played it cool but had made her mind up that it was over once she returned to Dominica.

“I refused to take his call. I just dumped him but now I am scared because he is threatening me. Threatening to come to Dominica and kill me. I have made a report to the police already but he just won’t stop. He has money and I am scared that he might actually buy a ticket and come here,” she said.

Rachel said he has hacked into her email and is now posting letters threatening her life.