Dr. Kanda believes road safety education is important

Dr. Kanda believes road safety education is important

Advisor on Non-Communicable Diseases of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Tomo Kanda, said road safety education should be emphasized for all age groups, especially children, in Dominica.

She stressed that road safety is everybody’s business to live longer, safer and healthier.

She made that remark while addressing a National Consultation on Decade of Action on Road Safety which took place at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Acute Psychiatric Unit building on Thursday.

“I come to Dominica many times since 2010 and I see the huge improvement in terms of roads,” she stated. “However what we are missing is road safety education. It should be emphasized for all age groups, particularly children.”

She said a lot more can be done, but it should not only be the responsibility of the health sector.

“Education, police, community, civil society, we all have to work on this,” Kanda said.

She outlined five major pillars incorporated in the United Nations (UN) strategic plan for road safety namely, “road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users and a post crash response.”

Meanwhile she stated that strong legislation is important in order to prevent crime.

“When you have a strong legislation and also law it will prevent crime; and it will also prevent illegally discarded automobiles,” she explained. “Sometimes I see the cars without number plates discarded everywhere, but as you know each car must have their own identification number.”

She also noted further that it is very important to educate, not only private drivers on road safety but also professional drivers.