A photo from the book

A photo from the book

Photographer, Yuri Jones is currently working on a 145-page coffee table photo book, featuring more than 130 photographs captured in Dominica.

He told DNO that the aim to promote Dominica through photography and the name of the book is called “Majestic and Magical: Come Explore the Nature Isle.

The book, which is to be launched soon, features photos taken over the last two to three years all over Dominica in popular nature sites such as the Emerald Pool, Trafalgar Falls and also, “some not so popular places.”

“The main reason for me doing it is really just to promote Dominica… to promote Dominica through my photography,” Jones said. “I wanted to put everything together in one product so that people could pick something up and share with a friend or share with a visitor.”


In describing the project, he said, ““I have captured some photos, group them together by location and kind of do a history of the location and do a story about taking the photo and the experience taking it.”

Jones said he hopes to publish the book in a different way.

“Publishing a book like that is kind of expensive,” he stated. “What I plan on doing is working through kickstarter.com. What it allows you to do is to launch a campaign and you can get people to pledge to whatever your product is.”

He explained the process. “You have different levels of pledging, for example you can ask people to pledge $1.00, $5.00 or $10.00…they will be able to pledge whatever they are comfortable with pledging and so what you do is the promise you are really making to them is that at the end of the campaign those who would have pledged a certain amount to get the product, you deliver that product,” he stated.


He noted that at each level of pledge there is an award.

“At the $2.00 level, what I would be doing is telling the persons thank you and adding them to my newsletter so that they can get more information about my photography and so on…that will be an ongoing thing,” he noted. “At the $10.00 level they will get the electronic version of the book and at the $25.00 level, they will get the PDF as well as an actual printed version of one of my images. At the $50.00 level, they will get the book itself. It will be a signed copy of the book signed by me.”

Jones advised young persons interested in photography to make sacrifices.

“You have to be willing to sacrifice and put your money where your mouth is. Also, you have to be willing to learn,” he stated. “You really have to dedicate time to learn new techniques and put a little practise in what you are doing.”

Additionally, he said, “The most important lesson for me personally is investing in my own self, in terms of buying equipment, in terms of taking courses online.”

Jones is also founder and Editor and Founder of ‘Embrace Dominica.’

The photographer and some of his works

The photographer and some of his works