Cars being washed away in Massacre

Heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Ophelia has been causing widespread flooding across the island.

The Dominica Meteorological Office reports that Ophelia is expected to produce total rainfall accumulations of two to four inches mainly over the northern Leeward and Windward Islands.

Rainfall and thunderstorm activity is expected to continue to affect Dominica today.

Presently the Canefield Airport is flooded.

Police and fire officials are on the ground in Canefield and Massacre assisting those in need and warning pedestrian not to cross the bridges in  the communities but some have not heeded the warning.

Dominica News Online was able to gather photos from different location across Dominica. We are also getting more photographs from our reporters and from our readers, so please come back for more.

A flooded bridge at Elmshall

Water from a bus in Layou

Cars flooded and stranded in Coulibistrie

The streets of Mahaut

Vehicle stranded in Layou

Raging waters near Autotrade

Raging waters in Jimmit

Water overflowing to the runway of the Canefield Airport

Residents in Canefield clear debris from the road

Flooding near Massacre Primary School

In Massacre

Flooding in River Estate

Near Canefield Airport

Flooding in Canefield

Near the Catholic Church in St. Joseph

In Layou

Flooding in Massacre

River over Elmshall Bridge

In Canefield

Effects in Massacre