The Privy Council had ruled in favor of Pinard-Byrne. Photo: the Sun Newspaper

The Privy Council had ruled in favor of Pinard-Byrne. Photo: the Sun Newspaper

Attorneys representing Chartered Accountant Kieron Pinard-Byrne, have demanded that Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, pay £307.61, which is the remainder of a Privy Council order of £20, 000 in court costs stemming from a defamation case.

A letter from the chambers of DeFreitas, DeFreitas and Johnson to Linton noted that the remainder is outstanding and should be paid immediately.

“The time limited by the order of the Judicial Council of the Privy Council for the payment of the sum of £20, 000 has now expired and the sum of £307.61 remains outstanding,” the letter, dated February 29, reads. “We, therefore, demand that you make immediate payment of the outstanding sum of £307.61 to our Chambers.”

Linton was ordered to pay the £20, 000 by February 22.

Between February 22 and 23, a total of £19,000 and EC$2,708(£692.39) was paid.

Linton (center in blue) with supporters

Linton (center in blue) with supporters

The EC$2,708 payment was made in bags of “pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters” according to the letter.

The letter insisted that the £307.61 be paid in banker’s draft or certified check and that Linton “desist from further contemptuous form of payment.”

“If you fail to comply, an appropriate order will be sought from the court,” the letter said.

The letter also made reference to the “unorthodox and contemptuous manner” in which the initial payment was made. It said this “resulted in hostile and disruptive behavior, on the part of those who presented themselves to make payment, which was not conducive to, nor consistent with, the professional standing of our Chambers.”

“We refer, in particular, to the loud and aggressive conduct of your brother, Brian Linton, who threatened, assaulted and insulted our staff, using some of the most vile and unsavory language. His despicable behavior was completely unwarranted, in circumstances where he and the other persons entering our Chambers were received and accommodated with civility,” it stated, referring to a video which surfaced on the internet recently of Brian Linton as the office of DeFreitas, DeFreitas and Johnson.

The entire matter centers around the Layou River Economic Citizenship Program and the Layou River Hotel project and goes back to 2002 when Pinard-Byrne sued then journalist Linton because of an article published on the program on a website and statements made about the same program on a radio show, on which Linton was a guest.

It eventually ended up in the Privy Council which ruled in favor of Pinard-Byrne.