Law enforcement officials near Government Headquarters on Tuesday

Law enforcement officials near Government Headquarters on Tuesday

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has blamed “opposition elements” that want to incite violence in Dominica for the discovery of ‘suspicious devices’ at government headquarters and the Electoral Office on Tuesday.

Speaking on Kairi’s Heng Program on Thursday morning, he said the United Workers Party (UWP) and opposition elements in Dominica have been calling for incitement and the police should take the matter seriously.

“These recent efforts to place devices at various government institutions are coming from opposition elements …” he stated.

On Tuesday suspicious devices were discovered at Government Headquarters and near the Electoral Office in Roseau.

The device at Government Headquarters turned out to be sand and stones wired up in cardboard and was deemed harmless based on initial investigations.

On Thursday the Prime Minister said there are efforts by the UWP to incite violence in Dominica.

“The UWP and the opposition elements in Dominica and the leadership of the UWP have always been calling for incitement, disrespect to people, disrespect to the laws, always calling for incitement …this has been their mantra,” he noted.

He stated that the government is not taking the matter lightly.

“The government is taking it very seriously, very, very seriously,” Skerrit said. “But here in Dominica it has become a pastime of opposition elements in this country to incite violence …. the UWP is not interested in anything positive, it’s about violence, it’s about hatred, it’s about division, it’s about acrimony.”

He also remarked that the Dominica Labour Party is a party of unity, peace and love.

The Prime Minister is of the opinion that the police need to take the issue of incitement “very, very seriously.”

“And the citizens of Dominica must condemn the opposition elements in this country for their efforts to incite violence,” he said.