A scene after Hurricane Maria

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has denounced national leaders who he said have nothing positive to say after Hurricane Maria.

He said such leaders should simply shut up.

“My view is that if we as national leaders have nothing positive or constructive to add then we should shut up,” he stated. “They should say nothing and just continue to lazy about while the rest of us do what we have to do to help the many Dominicans, the many Dominicans out there looking for a better way of life.”

He stated the people of Dominica must be given hope at this time.

“We have to give people hope,” Skerrit stated. “You cannot come in these circumstances when people are dying, people are hurting, people on the news, people don’t know what tomorrow will bring, they have no insurance to fix their homes, the homes that they spent 30 years to build has been blown away, mashed up by the hurricane, some people have lost loved ones, they have not been able to locate those loved ones …and they need some closure. We should be bringing comfort to people, not to distract them.”

He said leaders should not be bringing “negative vibes” to the mind of the people at this time.

“And this is my appeal to those of us in national leadership in our country,” he noted.

Recently Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, accused the government of showing no interest in members of the opposition who are available to help following the disaster.

“You are excluding parliamentary representation for over 40 percent of the people of Dominica from the state relief and recovery program but you telling the world we cannot do it alone,” he said.