Clinton and Skerrit at a press conference on Tuesday

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has described former US President Bill Clinton as a long time friend of Dominica and the region whose commitment has grown since the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Clinton is in Dominica for a one-day visit to view reconstruction after the hurricane and during a press conference, Skerrit said has had great pleasure in working with him since 2012.

“President Clinton has been a long time friend to Dominica and the entire Caribbean community,” he stated. “I have had the pleasure of working with him and the Clinton Climate Initiative since 2012 developing clean renewable projects in Dominica. As a matter of fact, the Clinton Climate Initiative was exceptional in assisting us in developing our geothermal project as our advisors.”

Skerrit said since Maria, which devastated the island in September last year, Clinton’s commitment to Dominica and its future has grown.

“Since the devastation of Hurricane Maria, President Clinton’s commitment to Dominica’s future has only grown stronger, he immediately pledged that he would do whatever he could to help us rebuild as the world’s first climate resilient nation and since then he has backed up that pledge with action,” he stated. “In November last year, he joined me at the CARICOM/UN High-Level Pledging Conference and issued a rallying cry to the international community to fund our plans for long-term sustainable development.”

Skerrit said last week, Clinton convened the Action Network on Post Disaster Recovery, in New York City “which will bring partners together from across sectors to make concrete commitments to implement projects supporting the region’s long-term recovery.”

“I am grateful that one of the action network’s first three commitments to action, the Digicel Foundation will be repairing or rebuilding seven schools and 360 homes in Dominica that were damaged or destroyed by Maria,” he said. “Today our relationship with the Clinton Climate Initiative will grow deeper as we announce our plans to work together to develop a rapid integrated resource plan for Dominica’s energy sector and look forward to working with President Clinton and the Clinton Climate Initiative as we transform Dominica’s energy sector into a model of resilience that the entire region and world can follow.”

Meanwhile, Clinton said that he was honored to be in Dominica and the Clinton Foundation was given the opportunity to work in Dominica and appreciate the efforts made to recover from the hurricane.