PM Skerrit (center) met with reps of BaoYu in Shanghai, China

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has visited the offices of BaoYu Investment in Shanghai on April 11, 2017 to discuss how public-private partnerships can create a sustainable framework to advance economic development.

Skerrit was accompanied by Commonwealth of Dominica’ s Ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Vince Henderson, as well as Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder of Range Development, Mohammed Asaria.

In the meeting, BaoYu Investment and Dominica expressed optimism that public-private partnerships create financial models that can catalyze the flow of private sector investment into developing countries, to deliver long-term value for both shareholders and society.

Said BaoYu Group CEO Yu Ningmin (Lucy) and BaoYu Group Chairman Xiali (Catherine), “BaoYu Investment is committed to finding solutions for Chinese investors and China-based investment advisory firms to diversify their assets; Investment in the Commonwealth of Dominica offers an exciting potential opportunity for overseas asset allocation.”

Moreover, with BaoYu Investment based in Shanghai, the company is poised to leverage more overseas opportunities with the expansion of reform of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

BaoYu Investment provides overseas company structuring, company restructuring and fund services to their corporate clients, as well as trust structuring and overseas asset allocation advisory services to high net worth individuals.

Bayou Investment has more than 16 years of experience in company formation outside China and since 2000, the company has successfully helped the creation and development of 10,000+ companies when entering the Chinese market.

BaoYu Investment’s roster of corporate clients include: Xiaomi, Jumei, Jupai Investment, Meitu, Didi, VIPStore, New Hope and Meituan, among others.