The Prime Minister addressing the UN event on Tuesday

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has announced five priorities the government is looking at for drawing private investments and kick-starting the recovery of Dominica following the ravages of Hurricane Maria.

The Prime Minister was addressing a CARICOM-UN High-Level Pledging Conference at UN Headquarters in New York on Tuesday.

The first priority, as outlined by Skerrit, is the rebuilding of critical transport infrastructure, “including key port terminals, major connecting roads and bridges and slope interventions, that would allow business, trade, and travel to return.”

He spoke of the quick restoring of the power grid.

“Two, restoring the power grid fast, organising a climate resilient distribution of the grid and investing in a high concentration of renewables in order to lower costs,” he stated.

The third priority is the “revitalizing food markets and crop planting and in the process developing food security and climate resilient agriculture, irrigation and fisheries.”

The fourth has to do with “strengthening sea and river defenses in Roseau to help draw in other investments in building and commerce.”

The fifth and final priority is “small critical investments to support the return of the tourism sector and to facilitate commercial loans to the sector through partial guarantees.”

The priorities for private investment were part of a larger national vision for resilience outlined by the Prime Minister.

The theme of the Pledging Conference is, “Building a more climate resilient community” and is being held in the ECOSOC room at UN Headquarters.

The full text of the presentation is below.

Download (DOCX, 517KB)