A scene from St. Martin, one of the islands heavily impacted by Irma

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that Dominica was spared from suffering the effects of Hurricane Irma and stands ready to assist other islands who felt the full brunt of the powerful storm.

He spoke on Wednesday morning, hours after a Tropical Storm Warning was discontinued for the island and the government gave an all clear signal for residents to return to work.

“As you know, there is no way we could afford any negative impact from Irma,” he stated.

He said there are “one or two” landslides and fallen trees across the island and there is a “slight challenge” at the Douglas Charles Airport, which remains closed.

“Other than that we were spared the ravages of the effects of Irma,” he remarked.

Skerrit said a number of islands to the north of Dominica were not spared.

He said he has spoken to a number of leaders of affected island including the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, the Chief Minister of Anguilla to get updates and has attempted to contact the Prime Minister of St. Martin but it appears the telephone system has been compromised.

He stated that attempts were made to contact Dominicans in St. Martin but that proved futile.

“But we will continue making contact with them,” the Prime Minister said.

He pointed out that Dominica stands ready to assist and support those affected islands “with the little resources that we have” once an assessment is received with an indication of what kind of support is needed.

“One cannot forget the tremendous outpouring of love and solidarity in 2015 following Tropical Storm Erika,” Skerrit said. “So we understand what these islands will be going through. We understand the challenges.”

He stated that expressions of solidarity will help in a huge way as affected islands struggle to cope.

“So our thoughts and prayers, our hope is that there will be no loss of lives in these islands and that the rebuilding process begins immediately after the storm would have passed,” the Prime Minister said.