Skerrit said the CBI Program has been attacked by the opposition. File photo

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that he plans to visit a number of countries around the world to reassure potential stakeholders of the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program because of what he said is criticism by the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

The Prime Minister made the announcement while addressing a Town Hall Meeting held at the Baracoon Building in Roseau on Thursday evening.

“As you know bad news travel further than good news and we now have to spend monies to do damage control that Lennox Linton and the worker’s party has caused,” he said. “And I have to embark very soon on a number of visits across the world to meet with the stakeholders who are involved in the CBI program to reassure them of the government’s program.”

Skerrit said there is a calculated attack on the CBI Program by the UWP leadership which financed by people external to Dominica, “who do not have any other interest here in Dominica or in Marigot or anywhere else in Dominica, who are seeking to destroy the country and destroy the CBI.”

He said that the UWP campaign will have a negative impact on the revenue coming from the CBI program.

“As a matter of fact, I now have to recalculate the amount of money that I intended to give to the manufacturer’s association because I have to now project less from what I am going to raise from the CBI because of this attack on the CBS programme by Lennox Linton…,” he stated.

The UWP has always said it support the island’s CBI Program but is concerned that there is a lack of transparency and accountability.

At a press conference in January 2017, Linton said the party is “concerned that the program has been mismanaged and corrupted to become primarily a source of Labour Party election campaign financing and wealth creation for a select few people, while millions promised to national development in constituencies like Marigot, remain unspent.”