PM Skerrit

PM Skerrit

Dominica’s prime minister has hinted that the Constitution may have to be amended to allow Dominicans with dual citizenship, especially from North America, to hold public office.

“I believe at 35 years we must critically examine our Constitution and see where we need to make certain amendments to foster a better way of life for our people in Dominica,” Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, told the official start of this year’s independence celebrations.

He said “to tell me that a country of just about 71,000 people, with so many of our bright people living in North America, to say that because they are an American citizen, still maintaining their Dominican citizenship, that they should not be allowed to contest general elections or be part of public administration in Dominica is unfortunate”.

According to Skerrit, government should “remove the ambiguity in our constitution in respect to persons with dual citizenship particularly from North America.”

“This is a large and vast reservoir of talents that we have and people who are prepared to come forward and make a contribution, we should not expect them to leave everything they have worked hard for in the US to achieve, just to come back and make a contribution,” he said.