A crowd at a past Creole In The Park

A crowd at a past Creole In The Park

The police have announced a number of changes in traffic arrangements in Roseau for Creole in the Park, which is slated to begin on Monday, October 24.

At a press conference on Thursday, Assistant Superintendent of Police John Carbon expounded on the changes in traffic routes for the purpose of flow and organization during the event.

Effective Monday, there will be no entry from the intersection of Bath Road and King George 5th Street on Valley Road.

No entry is allowed at the intersection of Independence Street and Virgin Lane and vehicles will not be able to travel eastward along Virgin Lane from Independence Street.

Carbon went on to say that there will be no entry into Boyds Avenue from Backroad. Parking is prohibited along Bath Road from the intersection of Independence Street and High Street, located on the section of Bath Road next to the public cemetery.

There will also be no parking on Valley Road from the Coco Cola factory and High Street.

The Morne Prosper/Laudat bus stop will be relocated from Boyd’s Avenue to the area between Virgin Lane and King George 5th street on Bath Road.

There will parking however on the western side of Elmshall Road between the eastern Botanical Gardens gate and Valley Road, the western side of the link road, that is opposite the Forestry and Wild Life building, and also the link road parking lot located north of the Roseau River.

Parking is available at the Bay Front and any other ordinary parking in Roseau that is available.

There will be a diversion sign placed at the intersection of Bath Road and Virgin Lane, that is to say, vehicles will be diverted west along Virgin Lane upon conclusion of the CITP activities.

Parents will be allowed to pick up students from the Convent High School and the Convent Prep at the Botanical Gardens and must do so between the hours of 12:30- 1:30 pm on the days of the CITP.

Carbon explained the reasons for these changes and the importance of adhering to them.

“This will be done in order to create a safe environment for patrons who are exiting from the venue from Valley Road on to Bath Road as this area is expected to be heavily populated at that time,” he said.