A pulse meter used when administering a lie detector test

A pulse meter used when administering a lie detector test

The police force is shooting down claims that several of its officers and inspectors have failed a polygraph test.

The Sun Newspaper reported this week that senior officers have failed polygraph tests recently conducted by the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

The news article quoted a police source who claimed that a number of constables and inspectors also failed the test.

However, Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector John Carbon, said while the polygraph tests were conducted, its findings have not yet been made public.

In fact, he said, not even the police commissioner has been informed of the findings.

“The test was done within a wide section of the police force. What I know is that no report has been received by the Chief of Police so I am not sure where that report came from,” he explained.

Carbon said in addition, “it is confidential information that would be given by the polygraph examiner and the only person that would be given that information is the chief and I had a conversation with him and he assured me that no such information was received.”

When he was appointed Police Chief in 2012, Daniel Carbon said that the use of polygraph tests in the police force was necessary since there is a need for the proper vetting of recruits and existing officers.

Polygraphs tests or lie detectors use an instrument that monitor a person’s physiological reactions while being asked a series of questions.

These instruments do not, as their nickname might suggest, detect lies.

They can only detect whether deceptive behavior is being displayed.