Dr. Christian gives a thumbs up while in detention at police headquarters

Dr. Sam Christian has said he was detained on Thursday morning by the police on allegations of inciting violence.

In a WhatsApp broadcast, Dr. Christian stated three officers from a Criminal Investigation Department barged into his office and detained him.

“They are investigating a matter where I spoke on a political platform at Peebles Park November 2015. Inciting violence is alleged,” he wrote.

Dr. Christian, a critic of the policies of the government, said he is being detained until his attorney, David Bruney, arrives.

He also stated that he is not under arrest and is in great spirits.

“Victory is near,” he wrote in his WhatsApp broadcast. “They are desperate and it shows. Let us press forward! Speak louder! Dont (sic) hold back! Stand strong my people! Our cause is just. We shall overcome this unbelievable evil that is consuming our country. No turning back now!”

Meanwhile, some people have gathered outside police headquarters in Roseau to show support for Dr. Christian.

See video below of the speech given by Dr. Christian in November 2015, which he said is the basis for his detention.