There are people still living in Petite Savanne

Police Superintendent Richmond Valentine has given the final warning to people still living in Petite Savanne urging them to evacuate immediately as the village is deemed unsafe during this time.

He made the plea on Tuesday afternoon hours before Dominica begins feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma.

“This is the final warning to those persons, if you are still in Petite Savanne now you should leave Petite Savanne,” he stated. “Petite Savanne is not safe, and we are asking those persons who are there that they should leave Petite Savanne and leave now. If there are family members who are hearing me, please get in contact with those persons who are up there, and ask them to leave Petite Savanne.”

Petite Savanne was devastated by Tropical Storm Erika in 2015 and was labeled a danger zone and uninhabitable. However, some villagers chose to return to the village for personal reasons causing a problem for authorities.

Valentine noted that those in the village should ought not to be there, at least tonight leading into tomorrow.

He also advised Dominicans to adhere to the advice from the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) and take the necessary precautions.

“Stay away, stay indoors, stay safe,” he stated.

Superintendent Valentine remarked that all police officers are now on duty and will be conducting patrols across the island so as to mitigate any cases of injury or loss to property and life.