Police officers in action during Carnival last year

The police are warning that anyone who is bent on breaking the law during the Carnival season will be met with the full force of the law.

Police Superintendent Richmond Valentine has reminded citizens that the laws of Dominica are not suspended during the season.

“Persons bent on mischief for Carnival 2018, let me remind you that the laws of Dominica are not suspended and so the police will not hesitate to deal with those culprits lawfully so that peace and security can prevail throughout the entire season,” he said.

He stated that the police have the responsibility of ensuring a safe and secure environment for revelers, visitors and citizens alike.

“In order to achieve our objective in ensuring safety, reducing the occurrence of criminal activities and reducing the possibility of any critical incident, our presence will be significantly enhanced throughout all carnival activities islandwide,” he stated.

Valentine said the police strategy will focus on crime prevention, traffic control management “and generally maintaining police presence within the city and as well as around the entire country.”

“Police officers will dominate the streets within the city and in particular the carnival route to ensure the parameters outlined in the Carnival Order to guide the conduct of revelers are enforced,” he noted.