Prison Officer of the Dominica State Prison Kenrick Jean-Jacque said laws should be put in place to cater for offenders after they have left the penitentiary.

Jean-Jacque was at the time making a presentation on the challenges through rehabilitation and re-integration of substance abusers as part of the observance of Drug Awareness Month.

He said the current program for offenders at the state’s prisons does not cater for inmates when they leave.

“The prisons has very little jurisdiction over the people that have been released and we are losing some of the work that is being done at the prison because when they go back into society they re-offend. What we would like to see is some kind of aftercare when they are released from the prisons,” he said.

Jean-Jacque is suggesting some kind of follow-up in the community.

“I would like to suggest that probation officers be attached to the prisons and upon release they would follow the inmates and the progress that we have made doesn’t just go back down the drain,” he added.