Several businesses were looted and vandalized after Maria

President of the Dominica Business Forum (DBF), Savarin McKenzie has said the private sector will not rest until there is closure to the widespread looting that took place in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Speaking at a symposium on housing and construction on Wednesday, he made another call for a public inquiry into the matter.

“As a private sector organization the DBF will continue to remind the authorities and the population that the treatment given to the private sector enterprises in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria through the looting and vandalism will not disappear until there is some semblance of closure which gives confidence and comfort to private investors to invest in Dominica,” he said.

Following the passage of Maria, many businesses in Roseau and environs were looted and vandalized.

The looting has been described as the ‘human hurricane’ by the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), which said that the private had suffered a major blow and will take some time to rebound.

McKenzie said the private sector’s request is simple.

“There is a need for a public inquiry to find out the failures in the security apparatus which allowed Dominicans to turn on the private sector with such brutality,” he said.

He pointed out that the private sector contributes significantly to the Dominican economy and an enabling environment must be created for private investors.

“So when an investor, foreign or local, makes a conscious decision to invest in Dominica, the enabling environment must be created to ensure that this investment as small or as big as it is, succeeds and is profitable,” McKenzie stated.