A protester close to parliament yesterday

Dominicans from across the island came to the vicinity of the House of Assembly on Tuesday to voice their concerns over a Bill to amend the House of Assembly (Elections) Act.

The opposition has claimed that the amendment will legalize treating and bribery, which are electoral offences in Dominica, something which the government has denied.

Dominica News Online spoke to a number of those protesting the bill on thier take of the matter.

“For treating in a country, for illegality; this is wrong. If we don’t take a stand right now, then our children and our children’s children are going to be the ones who will be paying the bills and suffering.” one protestor said. “I am standing here without any fear because I am afraid of no one but God. I don’t have to be here, I come here because this is my country.”

He said that if the country does not stand collectively, then the government is going to continue in its belief that they can “run over the people.”

“We have to stand in unison; we have to make them understand that we speak with one voice. I am not here under the capacity of being United Workers Party, Freedom (Party), Pappy, or whatever, I am here as a Dominican,” he remarked.

Another woman expressed the view that there were more than one reason as to why she was protesting with, a major one being that she refuses to let the government turn the people of Dominica into “beggars.”

“The first one is we are not beggars, we are a people who have been always strong, proud, resilient people. It (the election bill amendment) is going to make us beg one man. To sit at the man’s doorstep and ask them for every little thing that you need. we want to work for our living. We will lose our dignity if we have to go and beg these people,” she remarked.