A damaged house in Barbuda

Below is a report from countries participating in the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) of the impact of Hurricane Irma as of September 09-10, 2017.


-One fatality
-90% electricity infrastructure damage
-Significant damage to main water supply
-90% government buildings damaged
-Sea ports remain closed
-Airport serviceable to emergency flights, most roads leading to airport cleared of debris
-Debris removal ongoing along other main roads and critical infrastructure
-Utility restoration will begin through the installation of towers, poles and wires
-Temporary retrofit done to critical infrastructure such as the Police Station and NEOC
-Vulnerable government buildings secured
-Food shortage due to limited access and fuel for generators
-Damage assessment report being prepared
-Structural shelter assessment conducted
-Resumed relief distribution
-Tourism sector seriously damaged


-One fatality
-90% electricity infrastructure damage
-Significant damage to main water supply
-99% of building stock damaged (1084 strucutres)
-The hospital sustained significatn damage to the point where it is no longer possible to carry out medical services from that location.
-Completed evacuation of population from Barbuda to Antigua (a total of 1413 persons)
-2 main shelters in Antigua – the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds and the National Technical Training Center (NTTC) (305 persons in both shelters)
-Initial assessments reveal the number of structures damaged or destroyed has a replacement
cost of a little over 200 million dollars


-Four fatalities
-Significant damage to electricity
-Significant damage to water systems
-Hospital impacted due to damaged utility lines
-Airport tower compromised
-State of Emergency declared
-Limited water and food supplies
-NEOC destroyed


-One fatality
-67 shelters accommodating 11,041 persons
-Evacuated 8 departments
-Some damaged roofs
-16 municipalities flooded by runoff & flooding of main rivers
-Some roads partially damaged
-1 person missing
-5 cases of minor injuries
-Rapid assessments of human and material damage are underway
-The red alert is lifted throughout the national territory
-The NEOC is collecting additional information from the geographical region and another report
will be issued tomorrow


-70% of the households sustained damage on South Caicos
-70% of the households sustained damage on Providenciales
-50% of the households sustained damage on Grand Turk Island