Residents line up to be evacuated. Photo: Antigua Observer

Residents of Barbuda are currently being evacuated in the wake of Hurricane Irma, given the fact that the island is being threatened by yet another storm: Hurricane Jose.

The Red Cross and teams from the coast guard are assisting with the evacuation of women and children.

The evacuation is voluntary and the government is asking Antiguans to accommodate anyone that they can.

The government is willing to provide a stipend and food where necessary.

They did not give a time as to how long the accommodation will be neccessary.

Irma, a deadly category 5 hurricane that took the life of a toddler in Barbuda, moved on to wreak havoc on islands of the northern Caribbean.

Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne said earlier that 90 percent of the island’s population has been made homeless as a result of the hurricane, sparking fear that residents do not have adequate shelter and supplies to sustain another storm.

Barbuda is home to 1,500 people.

A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for Antigua and Barbuda as Hurricane Jose, a category 2 hurricane, moves towards the Leeward Islands.