Cover of the book

A student of Ross University School of Medicine has written a book on his experience in Dominica and surviving the devastating effect of Hurricane Maria.

Micah D. Renicker said the book, “Surviving Hurricane Maria,” describes the breathtaking beauty of the Nature Island before the hurricane, and details the horrors of Maria.

“The book is selling well in the USA, with a few sales even being reported in Europe, and it is being well-reviewed by readers,” he said. “In an effort to “give back” to the island that I love, I donated more than 25% of first month’s proceeds to organizations providing hurricane relief aid to Dominica.”

Renicker is hoping the book will inspire more people around the world to offer assistance to Dominica.

“Hopefully readers will want to visit the island as soon as tourism returns,” he said.

He also said it is his earnest desire to do everything he can to use to book to promote Dominica and its unparalleled natural beauty.

“I truly want to see Dominica make quick, full recovery,” Renicker stated.

The book can be ordered on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.