rotaract_logo1Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dominica, the Rotaract Club of Roseau will celebrate its 28th anniversary of existence on September 16th, 2013.

Members of the club will engage in a number of activities from September 15th to September 21st to recognize the club’s achievements over the years. These activities will aim to enhance the lives of people in the community as well as Rotaractors by extension.

The club was chartered on September 16th 1985 and has executed countless projects which include helping the less fortunate in various communities around Dominica and hosting the annual Carnival Princess Show and a Children’s Christmas Party in a different community each year, among other projects.

Before the official start of anniversary week, club members will participate in a Rotary-organized wellness walk to Screw’s Sulphur Spa on Saturday 14th September. The walk is in an attempt to create further awareness of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and stop the epidemic of these diseases in the region. Rotaract’s participation is also in keeping with Rotary International’s theme – Engage Rotary Change Lives.

The celebrations officially begin on Sunday 15th September with club members participating in a church service at the Roman Catholic Holy Spirit Chapel in Loubiere. There, a hamper of groceries will be donated to a needy family of that community.

On anniversary day, Dominicans will be informed about the Rotaract Club of Roseau and its operations by way of participation as a guest on Q 95’s radio programme – Matt in the Morning.

Emphasis is placed on the professional development of club members and in an attempt to assist members in public speaking and teamwork, the Professional Service Committee of the club has organized a debate which is expected to take place on Thursday 19th September.

A community service project at the Stockfarm play ground on Saturday 21st will bring the week of activities to a close. The playground will be polished by the hands of Rotaractors, Rotarians, Interactors, and students of the AGANAR program from both the Youth Division and the Stock Farm state Prison.

Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action. It is a Rotary sponsored service club which allows young men and women ages 18 to 30, the opportunity to give service to their communities while developing themselves personally and professionally through a spirit of fellowship and understanding.