Some members of the club

Some members of the club

The Rotaract Club of Roseau celebrated its 31st year of existence with a week-long schedule of activities from 10th – 16th September, 2016.

The week of activities began with a church service at the Lady of Fatima Catholic church and included a recruitment drive at the Dominica State College, a media presentation and fellowship activities. Community service which is at the heart of the club’s existence was surely not omitted from the anniversary celebrations. On Thursday September 15th the less fortunate who reside on the streets of the capital were presented with a supper meal, much to their delight.

On September 16th – anniversary day, club members relaxed on an evening out with the family.

The club’s major annual project is the Dominica Carnival Princess Show. Members develop projects on a yearly basis to meet the needs of the community. The club currently is in care of an elderly gentleman, Osmand JnoBaptiste of Trafalgar. Recently, the club donated a back to school package in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of South Barbados to a mother of four young children.

The club has also engaged in street and home paintings and environmental cleanups in the spirit of community betterment, among many other successfully executed projects.

Rotaract stands for Rotary in Action. It is a Rotary sponsored service club which allows young men and women ages 18 to 30, the opportunity to give service to their communities while developing themselves personally and professionally through a spirit of fellowship and understanding. The Rotaract Club of Roseau was chartered in 1985 by, and is a partner of the Rotary Club of Dominica.

Any young person interested in joining the club can send a message to or go to for more information.